Do you have a longevity lifestyle design?

We have been given the gift of increased longevity but what we do with this extra time we now have is often the question for many.

That’s why Longevity Lifestyle by Design was written.

It is designed to help equip you with principles and strategies to best play the long game of life. We hope this book helps you to become your very best version of yourself and to create a lifestyle that you will be happy to wake up to everyday.

Longevity Lifestyle by Design

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This book was a real team effort. Meet the experts behind the words.


Mike Drak

Mike Drak is an author, public speaker and recognized authority on the non-financial aspects of retirement. After having spent 38-years in the financial services industry, Mike retired and personally faced what he called “retirement shock”. Show more

During this time, Mike found himself on a journey of self discovery and authored two best selling books on retirement; Victory Lap Retirement and Retirement Heaven or Hell: Which Will You Choose?.
Mike is a Senior Contributor at Booming Encore and dedicates his time to helping other retirees design a fulfilling, meaningful retirement lifestyle for themselves. You can contact Mike via LinkedIn or email him at

Lori Becker

Lori Becker is living her passion as an Author and Certified Retirement and Financial Coach with Becker Encore Coaching – working with individuals as they make the transition from their career’s work to creating their best life through Retirement Lifestyle Planning. Show more

Transitioning from a notable career of more than twenty-five years in corporate America enriches her current work. Working for Fortune 100 companies in the healthcare space, Lori has led large professional services teams and process improvement efforts. Her personal transition has given her first-hand insights into the emotions and complexity of this process. And, the blessings of creating your best life. Helping others manage this transition feeds her soul. Lori recently published Get a Grip on the Details; A Step-by-Step Guide to Organizing the Important Matters in Your Life to help individuals complete the critical components of a well-lived life. Always a stickler for organization, she has helped many people get their lives in order. Get a Grip on the Details is available on Lori offers individual and group coaching to manage your personal finances and the transition into your post-career years. More details can be found at her website.  If you would like to learn more about Lori’s work or have her speak to your organization, you can reach her at


Simon Chan

Simon is the Founder and CEO of Adapt with Intent Inc., a boutique consulting and coaching firm that helps individuals, leaders and organizations adapt to the Future of Work. He is a Consultant, Keynote Speaker and Executive Coach who specializes in helping organizations recognize emerging trends and transform their strategy and workforce so they can thrive in an increasingly complex environment. Show more

Simon is a seasoned executive with over 25 years of experience. He has a diverse background in financial services, technology, academia, and not-for-profit sectors. He has held a variety of senior positions in strategy, corporate innovation, talent attraction, product development, business development, and operations.

Prior to founding Adapt with Intent, Simon was Vice-President of Talent, Academy and Future of Work at Communitech, a globally recognized innovation hub. In this role, he was responsible for talent attraction, learning and development for over 1,600 companies from start-ups to scale-ups to global enterprise organizations.

Simon holds a Master of Business Administration from Wilfrid Laurier University. He also holds CFP (Certified Financial Planner), CLC (Certified Leadership Coach), and CPRC (Certified Professional Retirement Coach) designations.


Scott Fulton

Scott Fulton is an innovator and 21st century longevity educator, adept at distilling complex science and aging trends into practical, consumable knowledge. He chairs the National Aging in Place Council and member of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine. Scott is President of Home Ideations and teaches at the University of Virginia and University of Delaware campuses. Show more

An engineering graduate of St. Lawrence College, he began his career in applied research, quickly finding himself on the leading edge of change. Known for his evidence-based, systems approach to tackling big problems, Scott turned his talents to one of the biggest unmet needs of our day — altering the trajectory of public health and aging. His positive views on healthspan, and early disease detection and prevention, have drawn the support of leading physicians and scientists. His Whealthspan™ investment series has been a fresh approach for the financial community.

Scott credits endurance sports to teaching him the “down on your knees” realities of healthspan in compressed timespans, unique to long distance athletics. He has contributed to multiple books and published articles, and currently writing his first book, WHEALTHSPAN™; Longevity, without bankrupting the brain, body, or bank account.




Reid Stone

Reid Stone, MBA, CPRC is the Founder and CEO of My Life’s Encore (MLE). MLE was founded to help clients answer the question “What is my life’s encore?” – to plan for what comes next for us after a long career but with many productive years left to explore, contribute, and make a difference. Show more

MLE provides education, consulting, and coaching to financial services organizations about the importance of planning for the non-financial aspects of retirement- the mental, physical, social, and spiritual. He also helps firms implement and integrate non-financial retirement planning to benefit their clients and the financial advisory organization. Reid believes education, planning, and guidance are the keys to a successful and joyful retirement. He is the author of the white paper for financial services industry professionals, The Strategic Value of Helping Clients Plan Their Ideal Lifestyle In Retirement: Planning the NON-Financial Aspects of Retirement In An Age of Longevity and is the co-author of the book The Retirement Challenge: A Non-Financial Guide From Top Retirement Experts.

Reid is a Certified Professional Retirement Coach (CPRC) and is a member of the Retirement Coaches Association (RCA).


Susan Williams

Susan Williams is the Founder of Booming Encore – a digital media hub dedicated to providing baby boomers with information and inspiration to create and live their very best encore.
Show more

Through strictly organic growth, Booming Encore has grown to become a globally recognized authority and social media influencer for baby boomers, aging and retirement as well as one of the top websites for baby boomers.
Susan is also the co-author of the book, Retirement Heaven or Hell: Which Will You Choose? and frequently writes, consults and publicly speaks about baby boomers, aging, longevity and retirement.

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